Season 6 — Episode 34

What’s Your Personal Brand? Is Brand Building Worth it?

Felix, Mihir and Jill Avery consider the merits of personal branding and how to think about the value of a brand. Why do people want to consider their personal brand?  And, why do we still struggle to understand the value of brands given all the data we swim in?

Season 6 — Episode 33

Strike in Hollywood

In this week’s episode, Felix, Mihir and Bloomberg’s Sarah Green Carmichael discuss the writers’ strike in Hollywood. Why do we suddenly see a strike during “the golden era of television” and amidst intensifying streaming wars? What are the thorniest issues? How do they speak to challenges for knowledge workers more generally? Plus, why you should love meetings. (We are not kidding!)

Season 6 — Episode 31

Better Ways to Say Thank You

Felix, Mihir and their colleague Kathleen McGinn discuss the role of gratitude at work and at home. Gratitude can be incredibly effective, so why don’t we thank others more often? What goes wrong when a thank you seems shallow and inauthentic? Can gratitude even be an impediment to change? Plus, we debate early retirement. Clearly, it is what people want. Why don’t we give it to them?

Season 6 — Episode 29

Taming AI

In this episode, Felix and Mihir debate with their colleague Deborah Spar, Senior Associate Dean for Business and Global Society at Harvard Business School, the role of government in regulating AI. How do we make sure we get the best out this groundbreaking technology? Should we keep government out of the way, at least for the time being?