Season 7 — Episode 10

Our Predictions for 2024

What’s in store for 2024? Mihir and Felix are back with their celebrated predictions episode. Will OPEC implode? Are quant funds in trouble? What’s Argentina’s future? Can inflation in the U.S. really sink to 2%? Is plastic the new asbestos? Who will acquire Electronic Arts? Is AIML a verb? Listen in as the hosts (foolishly) predict what the new year will bring.

Season 7 — Episode 9

The Stories of 2023

Felix and Mihir reflect on the most important stories of 2023 including the remarkable rise of AI, the revolution in life sciences, the rising power of employees, the trial of SBF, how product market strategies are reflecting shifting financial logics, the reasons for increased warfare, the disjunction between financial markets and the real economy, the shocking rise of school absenteeism and the wonder of Simone Biles.