Season 6 — Episode 31 May 03, 2023

Better Ways to Say Thank You

Felix, Mihir and their colleague Kathleen McGinn discuss the role of gratitude at work and at home. Gratitude can be incredibly effective, so why don’t we thank others more often? What goes wrong when a thank you seems shallow and inauthentic? Can gratitude even be an impediment to change? Plus, we debate early retirement. Clearly, it is what people want. Why don’t we give it to them?

Recent picks, and recommended reading/websites:

The Ezra Klien Show: Sabbath and the Art of Rest (Podcast)

Rachel Woods: The AI Exchange (Tik Tok Account)

Good Reverberations? Teacher Influence in Music Composition since 1450 by Karol Jan Borowiecki ( Journal of Political Economy)

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